Jujuk Tampo, The Mystery grave in Bawean Island

Jujuk Tampo, The Mystery grave in Bawean Island

Jujuk Tampo, The Mystery grave in Bawean Island

In Tampo hamlet, Pudakit Barat Village, Sangkapura sub-district is a sacred old cemetery. The people call it a cemetery, Jujuk Tampo.

About this one embah, there is no written evidence that strengthens the family tree and its life in a rather complete way. If there is a story about Jujuk Tampo, it is really only done through clear word of mouth juju Tampo has embraced Islam.

If you pay attention to the location of the grave, the physical shape of the tomb and the shape or material of the tomb, it is likely that this Tampo is older or died earlier than Maulana Umar Mas'ud whose grave is in Sangkapura. However, according to the tomb guard Jujuk Tampo, he is still the fifth descendant of Jujuk Tampo. This means that this needs further investigation, which one is older than both.

Among the tombs of historic tombs on Bawean Island, the tomb seems to refer to Tampo more intensively. Although the landscape around it seems haunted, it looks clean and is always well-maintained with its shrine or shelter for pilgrims

There is a fixed guarding schedule. Namely on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Every 07:00 to 10:00 am Whereas on the feast day is guarded seven consecutive days. So for people who are on a pilgrimage or nyekar, it is expected that they will usually adjust to the guard list. Especially those who have nadzar there. The schedule is a schedule from the previous embah.

The tomb referring to Tampo and his wife is located about two meters higher than the surrounding land, covering an area of ​​approximately 30 square meters. The pilgrims should not go up and walk in any direction around the city.

According to Pak Halimi bin Ruyyan, the guard who still has blood offspring referred to Tampo, saying that the pilgrims should not pass through the middle ground between the two tombs. It is also prohibited to walk around the full 360 degrees of the two tombs. "So you cannot pass the head part of the two tombs," said Pak Halimi.

"The Tampo people and the surrounding area after knowing all this. I only explained to people who are still on their first visit there," he continued without explaining the consequences of what would happen if there were pilgrims walking around there.

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